Diamond earrings

Froment-Meurice | 19th century | France | Gold, silver, diamond

Ggirandole style started in the mid to late 18th century; this pair of earrings was designed by Froment-Meurice, the most important jewellery master in Paris in the mid-19th century. He was notable for drawing inspiration from history and incorporating medieval, Renaissance and Islamic styles in his designs.

This pair of diamond earrings comes from the collection of Marie-Thérèse de Savoie (1803 – 1879), the Duchess of Parma and wife of Charles II. She then gave the pair of earrings to his grandson, Robert I, heir of Duke of Parma. In 1903, the earrings were offered as wedding jewellery to Princess Mary Anne of Austria when she married Prince Avery, the son of Robert I.

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